7-Reasons Why Toyota Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change

The key fob of any vehicle is an important safety system to avoid any theft or robbery and other such conditions.

Big companies like Toyota and others offer this feature to ensure vehicle protection.

But at times, people have complained about Toyota key fob not working after battery change.

However, this is a tricky issue and it cannot be fixed easily. Users become frustrated due to the technicality involved in its fixing procedure. But there is nothing to be worried about.

If you are experiencing Toyota key fob not working after changing the battery, there is a DIY solution that you can try and fix the issue on your own.

You won’t be needing any expert for this. Just gather the right tools and start working on your Toyota vehicle.

Toyota Key Fob

Toyota Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change

Toyota automobile owners may remotely lock, unlock, and start their vehicles with the use of a tiny, portable gadget called a Toyota Key Fob.

The key fob communicates with the car and carries out these tasks via radio frequency signals.

Since this system has a number of features, such as buttons to sound the alarm, unlock the trunk, or engage the emergency mode.

It acts as a great convenience that serves 3 major purposes.

  • Convenience: Toyota Key Fob makes it simple and quick for drivers to lock and unlock their cars without the need for a key. As there is no need to fumble with a key, this function may be very helpful while transporting groceries or other goods.
  • Security: Toyota Key Fobs use a rolling code system to communicate with the vehicle, making it difficult for unauthorized users to gain access to the vehicle. This provides an additional layer of security beyond the standard key and lock system.
  • Remote Start: Many Toyota Key Fobs come equipped with a remote start feature, allowing drivers to start their vehicle from a distance. This can be especially useful in colder climates, as it allows the car to warm up before the driver gets in.

Toyota Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change (7-Reasons)

Toyota Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change

The key fob of any vehicle can become faulty with time. This is nothing to worry about because such technical issues are common to occur with modern vehicles.

So you must be prepared for what might have gone wrong.

There are a number of reasons why your Toyota Key Fob could not be functioning after you just changed the battery.

Here are the major reasons that your Toyota Key Fob could not be functioning after a battery change:

Reason 1: Dead Battery

The replacement battery may be dead or improperly placed if your Toyota Key Fob stops functioning following a battery change.

Make sure the battery is put in correctly and check it, and think about trying a new battery.

Reason 2: Key Fob Needs to be Reprogrammed

Some Toyota Key Fobs need to be reprogrammed after a battery change in order to function properly.

Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see if this is necessary for your key fob.

Reason 3: Broken Key Fob

If your Toyota Key Fob is not working after a battery change, it is possible that the key fob itself is broken.

Check for signs of physical damage or wear and tear, and consider replacing the key fob if necessary.

Reason 4: Interference

Other electrical equipment or radio transmissions can interfere with the radio frequency signals utilized by your Toyota Key Fob.

If your key fob is not working after a battery change, consider moving away from other devices and see if this helps performance.

Reason 5: Keyless Entry System Issues

If your Toyota Key Fob still does not operate after a battery swap, there may be an issue with the keyless entry system in your car.

Professional diagnosis and repair may be necessary.

Reason 6: Circuit Board Failure

The key fob’s circuit board may occasionally develop problems and stop functioning. In this situation, either the circuit board or the key fob must be completely replaced.

Reason 7: Water Damage

If your key fob has been exposed to water, it may have internal component damage and become dysfunctional.

If you think the key fob has water damage, consider drying it out or getting a new one.

If trying these fixes doesn’t work, you might need to replace the key fob, program the key fob again, or figure out what’s wrong with the keyless entry system.

Make sure the battery is put straight, thoroughly inspect it for physical damage, and look for signs of wear and strain.

5-Useful Toyota Key Fob Tricks

Toyota Key Fob Not Working After Battery Change

You may maximize the use of your Toyota Key Fob and enhance your overall driving experience by becoming familiar with the key fob tips and features.

There are some essential tricks that every Toyota owner must know.

Here are the top 5 Toyota Key Fob tricks to help you better operate your key fob:

Trick 1: Rolling Down Windows

Some Toyota Key Fobs allows you to roll down the windows remotely by holding down the unlock button.

Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see if this feature is available on your key fob.

Trick 2: Panic Button

The panic button on your Toyota Key Fob can be a useful safety feature in emergency situations.

Press and hold the button to activate the alarm and draw attention to your location.

Trick 3: Smart Key System

Some Toyota Key Fobs come equipped with a Smart Key System, which allows you to start the vehicle without inserting the key into the ignition.

Simply push the start button while holding down the brake pedal to start the engine.

Trick 4: Customizable Settings

Many Toyota Key Fobs allows you to customize certain settings, such as the length of time the headlights stay on after locking the vehicle.

Check your owner’s manual or consult a Toyota dealer to learn more about customizing your key fob settings.

Trick 5: Valet Mode

Some Toyota Key Fobs come equipped with a valet mode, which can be activated by pressing a combination of buttons.

This mode disables certain features, such as the trunk release button, to prevent unauthorized access to your vehicle.

For further information on the precise functions offered on your key fob, be sure to contact a Toyota dealer or refer to your owner’s handbook.

Crucial FAQs About Toyota Key Fob

How much does it cost to replace a Toyota key fob?

The price for replacement can cost about $200 to $350 if you are having problems with it.

It is advised to speak with a Toyota dealer for pricing details as the price of a replacement key fob might vary based on the model and features.

How long do fob keys last?

A key fob’s lifespan might vary based on factors such as usage, battery life, and quality.

Generally, a key fob can last for around 2-3 years on average, however, some may live longer.

Can I replace a key fob myself?

It is feasible to change a key fob yourself, although some technical expertise and tools may be required.

In certain circumstances, you may need to reprogram the new key fob in order for it to function with your car.

But it is best to seek advice from the owner’s handbook or a specialist.

Is a fob better than a key?

Whether a fob is better than a key depends on personal preference and the specific vehicle.

Fobs can offer conveniences, such as remote unlocking and starting, but they can also be more expensive to replace or repair if damaged.

How do I reset my Toyota key fob?

These steps can be used to reset a Toyota key fob:

  • Close all of the doors and get into the driver’s seat.
  • Pull out the key twice in the space of five seconds after inserting it into the ignition.
  • Within forty seconds, shut and reopen the driver’s door twice.
  • Close the driver’s door after turning the ignition key.
  • Within five seconds, turn the key three times from the “Off” position to the “On” position.
  • When the doors automatically lock and unlock after you remove the key from the ignition, the key fob has been reset.

Summing Up

It is quite common to see the Toyota key fob not working after battery change.

This happens due to a variety of reasons and as a vehicle owner, it is important for you to fully understand the problem and look for its solution.

Toyota Key Fobs are an integral element of your vehicle’s security and convenience features.

Understanding the probable causes of your key fob not functioning after a battery change and knowing key fob techniques will help you enhance your overall driving experience.

By trying DIY steps at home, you can fix these key fob issues. If not, you can always call someone who is an expert at his work and fix the issue for you.

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